Damian Rebgetz: I RING THE BELLS

performance | research | sound | speculative history

No matter how lost you are / stumbling in the fog / you know where not to go / just make it softer, make the bells go away / that I ring for you in the morning / for in the night before (now) / when I leave you (now) / I visit the sleeping monk / I take the key from their robes / and climb the tower stairs / to steal my way inside / that haven / that little silent room / to be in place / to lock the door behind me / barricade myself within / and wait with rope in both hands / for roosters and sparrows to scream / to ring the bells for him! / So, you shall know as you run / where you once were and I still am / from where you now must flee / make the bells quiet with your steps / go! / as I RING THE BELLS FOR YOU / I BELLS THE YOU FOR RING / YOU THE BELLS RING FOR I / BELLS THE RING FOR YOU I / THE RING YOU FOR I BELLS… 

Damian Rebgetz is a performer, actor, singer and theatre-maker who was born in Darwin, Australia. After completing MA Sound Studies at UdK Berlin, he worked in the German free scene for some years before joining the ensemble of Münchner Kammerspiele 2015-2020. As an actor/performer he has worked with Gob Squad, Susanne Kennedy, Ligia Lewis, Philippe Quesne, Anna Sophie Mahler, Christopher Rüping, Ruedi Häusermann, Ersan Montag, Toshiki Okada, René Pollesch, Yael Ronan, Trajal Harrell, Keren Cytter u.a. His own works relate to memory, sound and experimental forms of music theatre.