Kandinsky: Context Collapse

sound installation | reality | scroll

»Context Collapse« is a sound installation in two languages. It came from a desire to explore what it means to carry the internet everywhere with us inside our pockets, and how being constantly online lives alongside and reframes our experience of reality.

On the one hand, our online lives feel optional, disposable, performative; on the other hand, the things we encounter there can affect us and create actual change, making our ‘cyberspace’ lives no less real than our ‘real’ lives (in the ‘meatspace’). Meanwhile, the constant flood of information, voice and performance that we encounter online – particularly on social media – is a distraction, an intrusion, with the potential to destabilise and undermine our lived experience of the ‘real’ world.

The company of performers, dramaturgs, a director and sound designer designer worked together to write, collect and record fragments of text, combining them into something that we hope, taken together, will convey something of the life of a stranger, far from home, hoping to connect to those around them.

A project by Kandinsky

Sound design: Kieran Lucas

With: Vera von Gunten, Jesse Inman, Clara Liepsch

Kandinsky is a UK-based devising company, making and touring new theatre nationally and internationally. Each show is made collaboratively, with an ensemble of performers and creatives. The company is run by James Yeatman and Lauren Mooney.