Kandinsky: Context Collapse – try out

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Sa 16.10. try-out zwischen 17:30 und 20h

So 17.10. try-out zwischen 17:30 und 21h

Scroll. Cat on a bookshelf. Woman tossing a lobster off a boat. The amazon on fire. Scroll. According to my phone, this is my reality for 4 hours a day. Greece on fire. Scroll. Cat opening a door. The Ever Given. It doesn’t feel like anything, but it’s where I spend a sixth of my time. Absolute unit of a polar bear. Marble racing. How it started, how it’s going. What am I getting back? What am I left with? Bernie Sanders in mittens. Scroll.

A project by Kandinsky

Sound design: Kieran Lucas

With: Vera von Gunten, Jesse Inman, Clara Liepsch

Kandinsky is a UK-based devising company, making and touring new theatre nationally and internationally. Each show is made collaboratively, with an ensemble of performers and creatives. The company is run by James Yeatman and Lauren Mooney.